Advocates are, in a general sense, specialists in litigation and in the particular field of law in which he or she practice.
The profession of advocate is a referral profession. Accordingly no person may deal directly with an advocate but must contact him or her through a practicing attorney. 

Our members are all admitted and independent advocates practicing in various courts, mostly in the Limpopo Region and within  Republic of South Africa. 

Bar Council
Members 2023-2024

Adv. M.Z. Makoti (Chairperson), Adv. S. Mphahlele SC (Deputy Chairperson), Adv. M.M Malatji (Honorary Secretary), Adv. E.A. Thete (Assistant Honorary Secretary), Adv. G.G. Mashimbye (Treasurer), Adv. M.J. Malowa SC, Adv. S. Mathabathe, Adv. M.C. Makgato, Adv. M. Kgatla, Adv. L.A. Nkoana, Adv. T.C. Lithole, Adv. K.S. Maboea, Adv. M.J. Mohoto, Adv. M.I. Tshisikule.

Each advocate practices for his or her own account and in his or her personal name, as required by our Code of Ethics.

All our members are in pursuit of excellence in providing legal representation or assistance,
so as to promote the fundamental right of access to courts and the
fundamental right of equality before the law.

Senior counsel members

junior counsel members